Katherine Gail Co.



I once took a quiz that told
me I am a “magical moment collector.” I think that says it perfectly-- I love collecting moments and I’m invested in creating those capture-worthy moments for my clients.


With a unique education in art and business,


I’m a Dallas-based photographer specializing in working with entrepreneurs and influencers. I’m invested in creating the kinds of images for your website and platforms that will get people to literally pause the scrolling and say, “I have to reach out!”

I love driving around on what I like to call “photo adventures” where I explore new places to shoot in Dallas and the surrounding cities.

I’m always snapping photographs of cacti I find because I love the symbolism behind them. They represent not just surviving, but thriving in harsh conditions.  When I am not working, you can find me enjoying my morning coffee, spending time with my daughter Shelby, and being a dog mom to my 3 rescued Yorkies-- Yogi, Summer, and Beaux.