I recently got to photograph a couple of local bloggers who turned out to have a lot in common. The first one was Avital of @ First Blush. Avital (pronounced ahh-vee-tall), is a corporate event planner for a large accounting firm. She recently started a blog on the side because it’s something she has wanted to do for a while. She has done a super job so far. It’s harder than it looks you know. She documents her adventures as a young woman living in the trendy Lower Greenville area of Dallas. Yes, there are dating stories! I say that to all the married people reading. Married people seem to love to hear dating stories.

Here are a few of the shots from the session with Avital at Toasted on lower Greenville Ave.:

A few days after Avital’s session I got to photograph beauty blogger Claudia of Just a Little Blush. I noted the use of “blush” in both Avital’s and Claudia’s blog names. But that was not the only similarity. Claudia lived in the same area of Dallas as Avital. As I was talking with Claudia durning the session, she mentioned that her blog is something she does on the side of her full-time job as an accountant at…yes you guessed it, the same large accounting firm as Avital! So I told her about how I had a session a few days earlier with an event planner who also works at the same firm. She said, “No way!” I said, “Way!” I told her she should reach out to Avital. Apparently they did connect because ¬†they recently collaborated to take photos of each other for their social media pages. They did a great job too! I love that I was able to connect these two and that they were able to collaborate.

Here are some photos from my session with Claudia and her little dog Tuna:

Visit their blogs:

Avital’s: @ First Blush

Claudia’s: Just a Little Blush