Case Study: Incredibly Organized

Incredibly Organized 06-18-19-39-2.jpg

Jamie, owner of Incredibly Organized, was in need of photos for the launch of her new website and she understood the importance of good branding.

“Professional photography is key for achieving successful results on a website or any kind of social media accounts. Most of my clients are looking for luxury organizing, so high quality images are everything in order to reach this demographic.” ~ Jamie

Jamie’s company is an all inclusive professional organizing company. They cater to high end clientele. They come to their homes, help declutter and organize their lives! They combine design and functionality in order to make that happen.

Below is a brief description of the process we went though in order to get the images that are being used on the Incredibly Organized site. I hope it give you insight into what it is like working with me.



the process

When someone contacts me about personal branding photography I will send them my pricing sheet with information and prices on the three packages that I offer. Together we can discuss which one would be best for you. Then we book a date or dates depending on which package is chosen.

Jamie went with my mid-priced package, the Deluxe package, which includes a discovery questionnaire, consultation, commercial use license, up to 3 stories and a minimum of 60 finalized images. We scheduled three different sessions starting about a month out in order to have plenty of time to prepare. Preparation is key to a successful personal branding session.

(Just FYI, stories are are activities, routines or rituals that are part of your core identity. They can be professional or personal. For example one of my stories might be photos of me in action shooting a client. Another might be me sitting at my computer editing photos or answering emails. A personal story might show me playing with my dogs. It's a method for getting some authentic images rather than just the traditional posed images although we would get some of those too.)

My first step to creating personal branding photos is to send the client an in depth questionnaire. This helps me get a sense of the business, the brand and what kinds of photos are needed.

Once I received the questionnaire responses from Jamie, we scheduled a consultation session. Consultations are a must if you will be doing more than 2 stories and multiple sessions.

During our session we brainstormed props, locations, and came up with a shot list. Here are the results:


  • Champagne glasses

  • Martini glasses

  • Coffee cup

  • Balloon with logo

  • Flowers

  • Laptop

  • Organizing items that can be held in your hands

  • Planner/Books

  • Clothes for clothing rack

  • pretty files of papers (to take a photo of so that you can say something about having a team member that is good with paperwork)


Jamie on couch in dress outfit 

·      with team in dress outfits 

·      with team in dress outfits with champagne

·      with team in dress outfits with logo balloon

·      with champagne

·      with martini glass

·      with coffee cup

·      with laptop

·      with logo balloon


Jamie standing in dress outfit

·      with team

·      with logo balloon

·      with logo balloon and team


Jamie on couch in casual outfit

·      with coffee cup

·      with flowers


Jamie standing in casual outfit holding (these are where you are blurry in background)

·      organizing item

·      flowers

·      planner

This gave us a good place to start and helped us make sure that we didn’t miss anything. We ended up skipping some shots but we also added in some others on the fly. This list is not meant to be constraining. It’s a jumping off point.


Our fist session was at the Lumen Room in Dallas and the story was Jamie and her team. The team was all dressed in brand colors and Jamie brought lots of the props from our list.

Incredibly Organized 06-18-19-104.jpg
Incredibly Organized 06-18-19-39-2.jpg
Incredibly Organized 06-18-19-4.jpg
Incredibly Organized 06-18-19-101.jpg

The second session was at Jamie’s home and the story was Jamie in her home. We got lots of casual lifestyle images there of Jamie in different rooms and with her dogs.


The third session was at Jamies home and the story was Jamie’s organized home. These became the majority of the images that she would use on her site.

Jamie's House-22-2.jpg
Jamie's House-43-2.jpg

As we completed each of the 3 sessions, I sent Jamie an online gallery of the images we had taken. From there she could download and use them on her new site.

See her new site here: Incredibly Organized


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