5 Best Photos For Your Brand

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What kinds of photos do I need for my session?


So you’ve seen the wisdom in booking a personal branding session. Now what kinds of photos do you need? I have come up with 5 that you want to be sure to get out of your session:

Headshot. Be sure to get your basic headshot. There are lots of places where you will need a clear photo of your face. Social Media profiles are one.

Full body. Be sure to get a few of your full body either sitting, standing or in action. These shots are a great way to incorporate the space where you work.

Point To It. Have a photo or two of you pointing to blank space where you can later add text to. You never know when these will come in handy.

Emotions. Get photos of you expressing emotions. If your audience can feel whatever emotion you’re trying to evoke, then they read, click and take action.

Props. And finally you need a good set of prop photos. Props are a great way to tell the story of your brand. Choose 3 to 5 categories of objects that represent your brand. Then brainstorm items that you own/use regularly that can act as your branded props. Tips for props: Tip 1: Choose items with colors that match your brand. Your brand should have no more than 3 distinct colors, but neutrals can be used unlimited. Tip 2: Avoid choosing items that are made from reflective materials, as they tend to be difficult to photograph. Tip 3: Don’t hesitate to choose multiple versions of similar objects. They can help to create variation.

Well I hope that gives you some great ideas for photos for your brand. Contact me if you have any question or are ready to get started on you branding session.