5 Fashion Blogger Posing Tips for Beginners

Kimberly 10-27-18-14.jpg

If you’re new to fashion blogging you might find yourself struggling with posing. And not only with posing but also with being in public with tons of eyes on you while you shoot. Getting used to all of that will take some time but I’m hoping these tips will speed the process.


1. Walk


I like to start out any type of session with some walking. It’s easy, it feels natural and it loosens people up for the session. You don’t even have to look at the camera. Just walk toward the camera, away from the camera or walk by the camera. This produces images that have that casual free-flowing feeling like you were just captured nonchalantly going about your day.


2. Twirl


Twirl your skirt, twirl your dress, or turn around slowly stopping to show the outfit from each side and the back. It’s all about showing the outfit and the movement, fluidity and draping of the clothes. This also makes the shoot a lot of fun! The photos below would be a lot different if the model was standing still.


3. Acting


Pretend to wave to a friend, hail a cab, kick something, read a book or newspaper, run or put on lipstick. This one works best when you have a regular photographer that you are comfortable acting out with. It might be kind of awkward with someone you just met. The photos below are of Kimberly. I am her dedicated photographer so she feels comfortable acting with me.


4. Use the Environment


Pick a location with a lot of things to interact with such as stairs to sit on or walk up, benches to sit on, windows to look through, tables to sit at, walls or columns to lean against, etc. Below are some examples from a session with Mary of Capturing Happiness blog.


5.Use Your Hands


“What should I do with my hands?” Nothing keeps your hands busy and your mind off the camera like having a prop to work with. Most of the time you’ll at least have a bag and maybe some sunglasses to work with. You might even have a great hat or a drink to hold. If you don’t have prop, there are other ways to use your hands. Touch or fluff your hair. Put them in your pockets or on your hips. Try not to think too much about it and just go with what feels natural. Note the hands in the following images.


Hopefully by focusing on the tips above it will help take the focus off of the camera and anyone watching while also producing great natural looking photos.

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