My SoHo photo session

Katie Rosebraugh

I like to get in front of the camera from time to time. It helps me relate to my clients. So on my recent trip to NYC during Fashion Week, I decided to bring some fun clothes and have my photos taken. I hired a Dallas photographer who was also in NYC to shoot bloggers who were there for Fashion Week. Her name is Vanessa Chavez also know as The Retro Penguin. She was a delight to work with. Below are some the photos we captured in the SoHo area of Manhattan.


the graphic tee and leopard skirt with tennis shoes trend


This wasn’t my original outfit that I put together in Dallas. I had originally planed to wear my black Fleetwood Mac tee shirt with this skirt but a few hours before I my session we went to the gift shop at the FRIENDS Pop Up and I bought this shirt and it went perfectly with the skirt so I wore it. I LOVE FRIENDS! I did not get to go to the actual FRIENDS Pop Up and I’m kind of bummed about that. Hoping it comes to Dallas soon. I also stupidly did not buy the “Crap Bag” bag for sale in the gift shop. Those who are fans of the show will know what I’m talking about.

The skirt is from Zara. The jacket is Top Shop. The shoes are Golden Goose. My bag is Henri Bendel. Bracelets are by Mikuta.


the graphic tee with jeans and snake skin booties trend


This outfit was not one of my planned outfits either. I was going to wear a snake skin print dress and white booties but I’ll do that at another session. Instead I opted for something that I could wear my new snake skin booties with! The night before this session we took an Uber to Pier 17 and the driver dropped us off right in front of Sara Jessica Parkers shoe store! So naturally we had to go in. The snake skin booties called out to me and wouldn’t stop until I had them in a bag. Then I had to pull together an outfit that would do them justice.

The tee shirt is from Evereve. The jeans are Agolde. The leather jacket is Top Shop. The booties are of course SJP Collection. The bracelets are by Miktua.


Ok I did it. I got in front of the camera in public in a strange city. Now it’s your turn. Book a session with me by clicking the button below to send me a message. Have any questions? Click the button below and send your questions to me.

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