Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Remington Roberts and her 4 rescue dogs. We chose the multi-colored facades of some buildings on Levee street in the Dallas design district for a backdrop.

Remington brought along a couple of volunteer assistants, her mom and dad. They were so awesome! Assistance is a must when photographing more than one dog. They did some magic behind me to get the dogs to look at the camera and Remington’s mom also provided some stylist services. Their services were very much appreciated.

We made sure to take breaks once in a while for the dogs to get some water since it was a little warm that day. When photographing dogs it’s important to stop once in a while to let them get a little down time.

Remington shared her babies stories on Rescue Pets of Instagram (@rescuepetsofinstagram):

Romeo(brown & white chihuahua) was my very first rescue dog. I don’t know his story, I only know that he was around 3 years old and that he was extremely terrified of men. Whenever a man walked into the room he would scream & run under the couch. Luckily he spent a lot of time around my father who is the most kind and caring man and they became best friends. From then on Romeo has been okay around other males and has learned to trust them.
Juliet(white terrier) was my second rescue. She was born in a shelter called operation kindness as a puppy. She has been loved from day one, and she is the sweetest baby. She’s the momma of the group.
Koda Rose (corgi/collie mix). Kodas mom was on a 24 hour time limit at the kill shelter while she was pregnant with my Koda. Luckily operation kindness took her in and put her in foster care before she was euthanized with her babies inside of her. I am forever thankful for their kindness, if it wasn’t for them my Koda would never have had the chance to live.
The last baby on the list is my Scarlett O’Hara(black & white chihuahua). This baby has seen the absolute worst of what humans can do. She was found emaciated, covered in fleas, ticks, mites, and had worms. She was left on the streets with a broken back that left her partially paralyzed. Her back paws were raw and bloody from her dragging them for months. I was initially going to take her to a no kill shelter because I already had three dogs and had no plans of taking on a fourth, but I couldn’t let her go to a kill shelter or the pound. I was told at the shelter that they can not take her because she is incontinent, therefore her chances of being adopted are too slim. They offered to euthanize her for me, which brought on the water works‚ I then went home and did all of the research on incontinence and dogs with paralysis. I learned everything I could, bought a wheelchair, diapers, and a baby bed. There was no way I was going to put a dog to sleep because of an inconvenience. From then on that angel & I have been conquering life together. She has so much love for me it’s unreal, and I for her.

These stories made me cry.  But they also made me glad because they have good endings. I am so happy these babies have Remington for a mommy now.